We know the pandemic has affected all small businesses, but it hasn’t affected everyone equally. Black businesses have been disproportionately impacted by新冠肺炎. Facebook’s forthcoming US State of Small Business Report revealed that businesses in majority-minority neighborhoods faced poorer business outcomes, including a higher closure rate (36% versus 22%).


适应虚拟世界。今天,我们中的许多人已经习惯于生活在虚拟世界中,从缩放会议到在线销售产品。尽管对于客户和企业而言,这一新规范可能很困难,但我们必须接受它。使用在线工具和资源并不是您在大流行中所做的事情,而是一种模型。我通过Facebook和Messenger吸引客户,我从未想过我会和同一个房间里。我们需要适应未来的在线。不要将在线工具作为一次性。-乔伊·威廉姆斯(如上图所示),Joyful Designs

以正确的思维方式应对任何挑战。在这一挑战的时间内保持积极的态度可能是您为业务做出的最佳决定之一,即使发生艰难。有时我们需要的只是观点变化。我不会最大程度地减少粮食和酒店业的难度。但是我一生都经历了很多事情,这给了我视角和能够看到这种令人难以置信的黑暗的工具。我们做出选择,我们可以选择采取的道路。以正确的思维方式应对任何挑战。-Olivia Colt, owner of盐和蜂蜜餐饮

与您的利基观众联系。所有企业都有一个观众和t是至关重要的o connect with them, even if it can’t be in person right now. We’re lucky that with platforms like Facebook, Messenger or Instagram, it’s still easy to engage in a meaningful way. I’ve found setting up a schedule can be an easy way to accomplish this. You can make a calendar for when to post so you don’t forget and it becomes a habit. You’d be surprised how much of an effect it can have on your business. I go live on Instagram once a week with creators to talk about their books and what projects they’re working on.I have fans of my journey and of my book who have been waiting for what I have coming up next. By going on live on my Instagram I can keep my fans in the loop about release dates while also shining a light on other creators. —Jason Primrose, owner of集群编年史

不要被吓倒。恐吓可能阻碍我们许多人,但可以肯定地说,没有比克服我们对业务和生活的恐惧更好的感觉。当您尝试新事物和不同的东西时,感觉很容易感到不安全,但是如果您不尝试一下,您将永远不知道是否可以成功。八年前,我开设了一所国际象棋学校。起初,我对经营自己的业务的想法感到恐惧。不管我有什么恐惧,最重要的是我对国际象棋的热情和想教孩子们游戏的热情。一旦我开放,我的课程主要由男孩组成,即使所有性别都可以使用。有一天,一个年轻的女孩加入了我的学校。她一开始很害羞,很可能是因为她是唯一的女孩。有趣的是,当学校由于Covid而移到在线时,她开始感到有能力,并开始分享自己的声音。她现在是班上最具声音的孩子。 Although she was intimidated by playing with all boys, she was able to overcome her fears, just like me. —Demetrius Goins,所有者Shoreview国际象棋

利用技术:I run my business, Rock Your Month, an online feminine care subscription box, while also serving in the military full time. My business is my passion so I spend most of my free hours outside of my job in the Air National Guard to run RYM. Using tech helps me to do this. I rely on Messenger to keep customers informed while I work two full-time jobs. Automated messaging allows us to get back to customers right away with a quick response so they get the best service and attention. —所有者贾贝特·格伦(Jabett Glenn)摇滚你的一个月

除了接受这五个黑人企业主的建议外,您还可以访问Facebook Alevate,以找到教育工具,鼓舞人心的内容和个性化的支持,以帮助您适应客户购物,与品牌交流和互动的方式。

乔伊·威廉姆斯(Joy Williams)是欢乐设计的所有者,奥利维亚·柯尔特(Olivia Colt)是盐和蜂蜜餐饮的所有者,杰森·佩里罗斯(Jason Primrose)是《群集编年史》(Cluster Chronicles)的所有者,德米特里·戈因斯(Demetrius Goins)是肖尔维尤国际象棋的所有者,而贾贝特·格伦(Jabett Glenn)则是洛克(Rock)的所有者。